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02.02.2007, 15:03
So Huub Stevens is our new manager. It might be a bit of a comedown to some after knowing that Felix Magath was in Hamburg discussing a possible move, but hey...that's football.

Whatever the case, Stevens is our new manager and I hope he can do his job and get up the table. I know there's been alot of negative reaction to him, but screw that...I'll give him a chance and give my 1887% support to him.

Welcome to Hamburg, Herr Stevens. Don't fuck it up... :D

shadsworth cloud
02.02.2007, 23:20
well, i'm back in the forum.
there was some problem with my registration and i kept getting an error message in german - understandable really as this is a forum for supporters of a German footy team - which i continuously ignored and wondered why i was barred? having worked out the error message, my data was incomplete.
so i updated my profile and now i am let back in hsvklatsch hsvklatsch

a welcome to shakin' stevens, lets hope he can get us up the table. there's always complaints about this coach is a flop, he has done nothing for years etc. but you get what you can get when you are 18th out of 18
huub had a successful time at schalke, not so much success at berlin or koln.

but what hamburg needs now is a coach who can mould a team out of the various millionaires, big shots etc who make up the squad. its no use being the wheeler dealer as he cannot sign anyone new until the end of the season. from what i have seen, the team shows lots of effort but lacks quality or composure to kill a game off. Doll has looked like a man withut any answers and that unnerves the players. if huub can bring that steadiness we will stop conceding goals in the last 10 minutes of games, get a few wins, keep 11 players on the pitch and before you know it we'll be looking up at the top of the table instead of that bottom 3. thats the theory anyway.

although he seems to have been "the peoples choice" (whatever that means) i am happy that magath did not take the job. to me he needs a month or two out of the game to recharge his batteries and i don't want hamburg to be his rest-home while he recuperates.

if i was Felix i would be a bit naffed being sacked after winning back to back doubles especially when ballack left and hargreaves and deisler have been (ahem) unavailable. but thats a discussion for the bayern message board. thats if they have one with joined up writing :D

03.02.2007, 11:39
I'm back aswell woo hoo.

Yeah it was a bit of a shocker with Huub Steven as the reports that we were getting in the UK was Magath. It also seemed that the story could not have been written better for Magath to return.

Im getting ready for the match today, got my beers ready to go c'mon. 2 guys from Glasgow will be at the match today.

All my mates can't wait to come over for the Frankfurt match now.

03.02.2007, 20:22
Moin Huub Stevens