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04.02.2007, 11:02
Yesterday I saw the Hertha-HSV Match in Malaysia with english commentary.

I think that this was the signal from Sky Sports, because the live commentator seemed to be english and I don't think the malaysian station produced its own commentary, they use the english also at premier league matches.

In my option this commentator was million times better than ANY of the german commentators, i would enjoy the english broadcast much more. So has anyone seen our match yesterday in England and can confirm that I saw the english signal?

04.02.2007, 11:05
Don't suppose you know the name of the commentator do you?

At least you got English commentary. I watched Stuttgart - HSV with live stream with Spanish commentators back in November :D

04.02.2007, 12:39
Don't suppose you know the name of the commentator do you?

I have forgotten, of cause. But always when I watch football with english commentators, i have the feeling they really love this game like i do, while with german commentators it is either they love themselves or they are just doing a boring 9 to 5 job with no interest in it at all.

04.02.2007, 13:09
Was it one of these?

Martin Tyler
Ian Darke
Rob Hawthorne

They're the main three Sky Sports commentators, but I doubt that the signal came from Sky Sports - they haven't done Bundesliga football for over ten years, unfortunately. However, all three commentators above work freelance, which means that they also commentate on Premiership matches for the Premier League TV feed - so one of them could occassionaly do Bundesliga matches. If you get me.

But yeah, just because it was an English commentator doesn't neccessarily mean it was from Sky Sports :)

shadsworth cloud
04.02.2007, 16:59
the bundesliga is broadcast in england on setanta sports, which is actually an irish station. they show a live match on friday evening and (normally) on a sunday afternoon. they also often show a game delayed transmission on saturday evening (i.e the full 90 minutes but shown at about 21.00 on saturday)

they also show portuguese, dutch and french football (and until this weeks events italian football) but mostly they concentrate on scottish football.

after what happened in italy, i (slightly crassly) hoped they could show some more bundesliga - they had scheduled to show 3 live matches from italy this weekend - but sadly they have just filled the screen with various repeats of hearts/aberdeen/kilmarnock matches and the only bundesliga to be shown has been a few repeats of nuremberg v bayern. which was good the first time round, but wears a bit thin on the 4th showing :D

as OTS has said, sky sports abandoned the bundesliga years ago, which was sad but at least it spared us allan macinally droning on about his old pal "Augy":p

the pictures will almost certainly be from your own ArenaTV or Premiere, with the stations own (freelance) commentator sat in a studio in London saying "welcome to berlin for this exciting bundesliga match"

so, in answer to your question i'm afraid i don't know who the commentator was

04.02.2007, 20:10
As shadsworth said shitanta as we call it in Scotland has the rights to German football in the UK. I have been watching all the games online via this betting site which is free so i can't complain save me wasting my money on Setanta lol