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13.03.2007, 22:27
Here is my diary of my trip to Hamburg for the Frankfurt match. It will be in two Rangers fanzines this weekend hsvklatsch


Thursday: We start the day with Full Scottish (well maybe not quite, hash browns and no tattie scones!! ) at Pretswick airport and then arrive at London Stanstead for 10:00. The only pub that seemed to be in the whole place was O'Neill's so we set off to get the beers in the Plastic Paddy chain. The place was actually full of Italians making their way up to Murrayfield for the Rugby, you would never have thought this many people followed Rugby in Italy. After 3 hours of drinking we were starting to get into things and the 8 of us knew that the trip was going to be a good one.

We land at Lübeck airport 18:25 German time and have to make a dash to drop off our gear at the hotel and get to the pub to watch the Rangers - Hapoel match. So we check into the hotel and find out its right at the bottom of the Reeperbahn which means one thing-- Happy Days. Prior to going we knew Celtic and St Pauli were going to have their Provo Fest but it would not stop us from going to Hamburg that weekend. We then burst into fits of laughter when Jörn tells us that the Scum Pauli v Werder Reserves has been called off. We arrived at McLean’s in Altona to a nice welcome from some of the Hamburg Bears, who had gathered to watch the Gers play and I got to meet many old and some new faces. The beers were bought and the match was off. We watched the Gers win 4-0 and then Billy arranges for the Rangers and Cultural music to start. We are in full swing and is good to hear the Hamburg boys know all the songs. The night is spent mostly speaking with old friends about the situations at both clubs and trying to explain to the Hamburg lads that some of fans dislike Kris Boyd, even though they say they would love to have him at HSV. (The old saying goes you don't know what you have until you lose it)

After getting taxi's to the hotel we all sit confused as we think we have been taken to the wrong place and after 5 minutes of drunken ramblings with the taxi driver we find out we have just went to the other entrance of the hotel. The hotel front door is answered by a small pissed off Pierluigi Collina looking, night desk man. So just to annoy him a little more we felt that our first night should not come to an end there and head straight for the other door to take us back out but need to ask Pierluigi Collina to open it again. This now takes him to boiling point and we think we will not be allowed back in.

Directly across from the hotel is a Turkish sports bar and we chap on the door thinking they would be able to sell us food. The Turkish old boy answers the door and seems confused to have 8 Scots standing in front of him asking if he sells kebabs in which he answers 'NO'. The badges on the windows are noticed. It is the stickers of the top Turkish teams including the favourite of the Bears, Besiktas due to their initials BJK. The old Turk is then asked if he knew that BIG JOCK KNEW which seemed to confuse him even more than us asking for kebabs at a sports bar. That was it the chants of BIG JOCK KNEW made there way to the Reeperbahn for more beers and food.

The first bar that we come across is another Irish bar, the Thomas Read Irish Pub and we get more drinks together and feel the need to get the Splinter Group Loyal banner out for a photo opportunity in front of the pub, along with some good locations for some BIG JOCK KNEW stickers. I never knew that Scots could empty a dance floor so quick when we ask for the awful hip hop music that is being played to some Wannabe West Coast rappers on the dance. Oasis is put on and the dance floor empties before half of the song is played but we are chuffed and booze keeps flowing. The kebab shops on the Reeperbahn are the next port of call, we get our scran and head for the pillows back at the hotel and Pierluigi Collina doesn't look any happier to see us.

Friday: We wake up early (well some of us) and head for a coffee shop for some breakfast. After a cheese and ham bagel and a coffee we set off for the rest of the group to prepare for making our way over to the stadium for the tour and the museum. Our Hamburg Friend, Schwan as he his called by his friends, meets us in the bar and we have started early with the alcohol. After a few drinks we head for the stadium.

At the stadium we are shocked at the welcome that we are given by one of the members of the Hamburg Loyal who works for the club as he has arranged for us to see the stadium and museum for free (cheers again Dirk) and this shows the other guys that they were right to come and see HSV. Some of the older guys with us start to think back to the day we had terracing at Ibrox as we stand at the front of the Nordtribune which shows the UK that standing at the football can be done. We head up to the top tier and see a photo opportunity with the banners and show our new one say ''GLASGOW IST BLAU WEISS SCHWARZ''. Much to the enjoyment of the rest on the tour who took many photos of the banners.

In the evening we were to meet back up at McLean's as the Hamburg Loyal were having a meeting to plan future trips for the group over to Ibrox and how to celebrate their 30th Birthday as a Rangers Supporters Club. At the end of the meeting we present the Hamburg Loyal with a Rangers and Hamburger SV mirror to show our appreciation to them as Fellow Bears and the countless trips that they have been on to Follow the Gers as well HSV. After many beers in McLean's we arrange to head off to the Reeperbahn with some of Hamburg Loyal guys and as well as meet up with some of the Urban Crew who had made their way down to Hamburg for the match as well. This time we made our way to the London Pub and noticed we were not the only Bears to visit the pub recently, with the wall covered in chalk messages of Invicta Loyal and much more that our poor Timmy would be upset about, with them being the Most Offended People Ever. The rest of the night spent drinking and singing into the early hours of the morning on the Reeperbahn.

Saturday: The morning of the match some of us awake early again and head to McLean's for some breakfast and being a Scottish bar and owned by Billy from Dennistoun he has a Full Scottish on the menu, Tattie scones the lot. We arrange what we are doing for the match and decide to stay in McLean's before the match and meet up with Carsten again, from the Brigade Rhineland who at one point in the German winter break was coming to Glasgow every weekend to see the Gers. After some beers we head for the match and go to Joachim's Shop1887 stall. Most of us end up buying the new t-shirt he has made with a Bulldog and NO SURRENDER on it.

Getting into the match is delayed a little with the stewards searching everyone on the way in but we make it and head to 22C to sit with the rest of the Chosen Few even though our tickets are for 28C. The CFHH have a small TIFO on with Balloons, Confetti and a slogan banner with ‘’NU MAN TO HAMBORG’’. What it means I’m not sure as I’m still trying to find out. Even before we make it to the section the place is buzzing more than Ibrox is on a game against Mhanky mob. In the section I get to meet many of the guys that I had met the last time I was over but this time we are over to party. The rest of the group are amazed at all the chanting and get to see first hand how well a capo works at football stadiums with Jojo controlling all the chants at the match. It was also good to that the CFHH and Poptown both worked together to control the Nordtribune to get the chants louder. At half time the Chosen Few guys have arranged a protest against the club as they are trying to change the logo on the club merchandise to say HSV along with the badge but it has always been just the badge and the fans feel this enough. The protest has many flags with the HSV Raute (Diamond). The match went well with Hamburg winning 3-1 and like us with Ferguson the fans seem to be split on opinion of Atouba. Some have still not forgiven him for showing the fans the finger when he was substituted in Champs League match earlier this season, but after the way he played it is no wonder some of them think he is rubbish, as he had an awful game. It was also clear to see that HSV with Van Der Vaart in the team can be very good as seemed to control the whole match and unlike most playmakers he is not scared to get stuck in as well. The goals came from a stunning Van Der Vaart free kick, and sublime shot from Pitor Trochowski outside the box and a tap in from Olic. After the match the players sat in front of the HSV fans while they chanted to them and then danced about like nutters.

We made our way back to the Fanhaus as we had another gift, this time for the Chosen Few. Before we left for Hamburg we met Kevin Keegan at his Soccer Circus in Braehead and he signed a Retro HSV top to the Chosen Few for us. The guys that we gave the top to were well chuffed and straight away looked for a place to put it up on the walls of the Fanhaus. After some of the best Hamburg beer, Holsten Edel we head for the Reeperbahn with some of the CFHH, this time to the Tankstelle. Inside the place is full and most of us were shocked to see the size of the some of the guys. It was like an audition for Mr Universe but we got told this is the HSV Firm the Hamburg Ultras. It was good to see that in the bar along with all the HSV stuff on the walls they even had some Rangers stuff and shows that the links between the two is not just a few guys which is good to see. We head back to the London Pub where we meet up with some of the Hamburg Loyal and also see that the Urban Crew guys are in there as well but this time they are pissed. This time the place is full of Paddies over for the weekend and they had watched Ireland trounce England at the Rugby. They were good guys and didn't bat an eyelid at our more cultural songs that we got going in the place.

The next port of call was a bar called Buddies which when we went in was empty and then like a blink of an eye full of more of them want to be rappers. At this point we couldn't care as we seemed to be the only one's drinking alcohol and we were getting served very fast so that was good enough for us. After many drinks in Buddies we thought we would call it a night but as we were walking down the Reeperbahn we got stopped by some of the guys we had left earlier in London Pub and got made to go for more drinks in the Tankstelle. When home time came we made a beeline for the Kebab shop where we met some Frankfurt fans and they wanted us to explain the Rangers and HSV link while also singing songs for Kyrgiakos, which was met by a round of jeers from us, haha.

Sunday: We awoke in the afternoon very rough and went to Subway for breakfast. We then made our way over to Altona to meet Jörn so we could head over to the Altona 93 and VFL Hamburg match. We got to see some good low division football that had not been taken over by the cancer of modern day football. The match was won by Altona 93 by 2-1 and it was good to see an old terrace football ground. Sunday night was going to be our day of rest and we went for some food at Swineski which is a restaurant that sells lots of pork dishes. They also have a topless dancing pig in the place which was amusing to see.

Monday: Home time so not much to say about it. So here's to next time we go to the London Pub to see the message of …….''YOU ARE NOW ENTERING PROTESTANT HAMBURG''

Some pics
Giving CFHH a retro signed Kegan top. He has a football coaching school near Glasgow now and he agreed to meet us. Top bloke.

More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321872@N07/

14.03.2007, 01:03

What's that about? http://images.pesfan.com/smilies/undecided.gif

And how come the faces are blacked out? Are they on a 'Most Wanted' list? :confused:

14.03.2007, 09:12
If you read it mate you will understand. One of the HSV guys asked for it to be written in the London Pub and it was so I took it as my heading. Having a Protestant Father and Roman Catholic can only make me and Atheist.

shadsworth cloud
14.03.2007, 18:10
and they call me a beermonster!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

it seems that you didn't get to go to the Beethoven recital or the Ballet. Maybe next time hsvklatsch

14.03.2007, 20:40
excellent report! If you are still interested in "Nu ma to Hamburg": That's Plattdeutsch, an old slang spoken in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, indeed even more similar to English then common German language. In common German it would be "Nun mal zu Hamburg", so it's just like "C'mon Hamburg, it's time"!