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16.03.2007, 21:29
Never seen this before, it's an incredible show of respect and protest.


TV coverage of the first 6 minutes of that game against Arsenal:


Memorial service in 1989:

16.03.2007, 21:52
Yeah that was before the League Cup game. It was a protest of The Sun (national newspaper) printing lies in their paper when Hillsbrough disaster happened. Basically they made up the stories of Liverpool fans beating up coppers and and stealing things from unconscious fans on the pitch, just so they could sell papers :mad:

At the time there was a boycott of The Sun newspapers in Liverpool, with most newsagents refusing to stock them. Nowadays, the red half of Liverpool holds alot of resentment at The Sun and rightly so.

shadsworth cloud
17.03.2007, 10:00
At the time of the disaster, the Sun published a front page with the headline "THE TRUTH" in which they said that rescue workers were attacked, and people had stolen from dead bodies on the side of the pitch.
The real truth is that as people were dying it was fans who made stretchers out of the advertising boards (Werbebande in german i believe...) while the police had linked arms to form a line across the pitch.
The police told journalists that fans had smashed down a gate and so created the crush, but the gates were opened by stewards on police instructions in order to get people into the ground, where the police wanted them. once the gates were opened there was a crush as people were directed into the crowded central pens instead of to the emptier side pens.
Later in the inquiry the police were shown to have lost any control and then covered it up with lies.

In actual fact, The Sun was only one amongst many papers which printed the lies, which were planted by the police. But they were the most forthright in printing them and they have lost a lot of sales in Liverpool (and elsewhere) over this.

Last year, The Sun went all sorry and made a big deal of apologising for all the hurt etc, which was of course just cynical by them. Then the former editor made a speech to a Press Association to say that they weren't sorry at all etc etc
So thats why there was this protest in January, almost 18 years after the disaster.

The sad thing is that the truth is there for anyone to find, just look at the Taylor Report (first part) which outlines who was really to blame. But the lies have taken a hold, and no police were ever convicted for their failings.
In fact, some police even got compensation for their suffering that day, whereas people who saw their children dying on TV were not.

And even today, if i find a copy of The Sun on a train or bus, i don't want to read it

15.04.2007, 20:09
April 15th 1989