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shadsworth cloud
24.03.2007, 08:13
writing as the boards "old fogey" i can recommend this website for browsing some great - and not so great - moments in football history
just don't visit the site with your credit card close to hand...


i just bought a copy of England v BR Deutschland 29/04/1972, a game i remember watching on telly as a child. in those days of course it was unusual to see live football on telly, it was a saturday evening and england were still a great football team. or so we thought. :(
the result was hard to take as a 9 year old, and i think my parents regretted letting me stop up to watch it.

now, 35 years later i wonder if i'll be able to watch it without screaming the house down and having to be sent to bed? i doubt it :)

24.03.2007, 09:29
Some good one's there mate. Would have been good if they had some of the old home internationals. Might buy a few of them cheers

shadsworth cloud
24.03.2007, 14:48
those home internationals were tremendous, especially england v scotland. a real huzzah for the end of the season. and we normally managed to beat the Jocks :) :)
at least thats how i remember them....

and it was much better than the endless rounds of play-offs and friendly international matches we have now

they should bring them back again, if only for one year so that we can win the title back from Northern Ireland