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29.04.2007, 13:45
...or München for those that can pronounce the damn word properly ;)

What a day, as well as the game itself :cool: The tour there and back was great, it was a bit quiet than you'd expect as we were probably tired from the previous night's travelling and the events of the game, but still pretty cool.

We left at 11pm Friday night and arrived at a sun-covered and empty Allainz Arena at around 9am, meaning we could go into the city center to relax for a bit. €9 for five people on the one "all day ticket" on the U-Bahn...which didn't make sense to me as a) we'd only be travelling into town and back, that's two trips and secondly (and as it turned out), there was nobody to check the tickets.

After strolling through the town, greeting other HSV fans with a simple "Moin" along the way; we found some bar where some of our friends and other HSV fans were sat outside. This was to be our relaxation point for the next few hours, as more HSV'ers turned up as the morning progressed and the Saturday morning shoppers passed by, looking on in either admiration or disgust at the noise of nearly a hundred HSV fans (inside and outside) chanting "Super Hamburg ole", "Hamburger Jungs" and the like. The tourists even decided to take pics, including a Japanese bloke who was posing with anybody who was drunk even to do so.

What was an unneccessary problem was how the waiters at the bar got their balls in a twist whenever chairs were moved away from their tables and hence leaving gaps. You know what it's like, people arriving and wanting to sit with mates or people they've just met, yapping about whatever. You could understand why they were like that but still, a bit of a dampener for a while.

There was even one bloke with the stupidiest looking ponytail (and I hope other Munich travellers who browse this forum can laugh with me here) who turned up and starting shouting "St Pauli! St Pauli!". We took it as intended and just laughed at the bloke, who threatened to pull his trousers down and expose his ass, as well as grabbing his balls...but one quick look at the nearby Polizei bus persuaded him not to for his sake at ours. He was jumping about shouting "St Pauli" for a good few minutes, before it took a chorus of 40 odd people chanting "Du hast die Haare schön!" to send him away :D

Saturday morning in a big city like Munich on the same day as a football match means it's going to get congested. So a mate and myself made our way to the stadium, eventually arriving after a hike up some hill. It seems like the Allainz Arena is in the middle of nowhere, despite being right next to the motorway. There's no shade either, so if you're a bit of a chubber like myself and wearing jeans...you're going to sweat a bit ;)

More sweating continued as we climbed up nearly 100 steps (I should have taken a pic and counted but I forgot :D) before we got to the "gästebereich". Right up in the corner.

They've got that same card system in Schalke, where you have to pay €10 (dunno about other prices) to get a card and you use that to pay. Thankfully cards purchased last season could also be used, so a mate who couldn't come on this trip passed on his card that had about €12, so that paid for some food for me and my pal. :D

The stadium itself is fantastic. Having seen it on TV many times, getting to be there in person was great. I kept thinking "this is where the opening game of the World Cup" was :D

What I did find a little weird was the small standing area behind the goal, seemingly for the Bayern "ultras". In our Volkspark and at most decent Bundesliga grounds, it's the entire lower tier behind the goal that has standing and Dortmund and Schalke's entire block behind a goal is standing. As expected, it didnt create much atmosphere during the game itself.

What was also strange and quite disturbing is how on one side of the stadium, 90% of the seats are VIP - which was evident at half time when there was a large space of emptyness as the VIP seaters buggered off for their prawn sandwiches. I know it's a big stadium, but still...that takes the piss. No surprise that it's the same side as the camera too, so people who've only seen games on TV wont notice it.

The Gästeblock was awash of the usual Schwarz, Weiss, Blau...as well as the tier below us and also scattered around the ground. As always, fantastic turnout for a HSV away match. There must have been around 9,000 HSV fans at least and from what I've seen so far, you could tell that on TV as we drowned out the local silent home support.

Now I'm not sure if it's because of the ground being mostly VIP's or families on a day out...or because they knew their team weren't playing well (which is no good excuse, I know)...or because we were making such a noise that we werent bound to hear anything...but the Bayern support was crap. Even when they scored, there wasn't much of a roar for 60,000 odd people. Then again, you could have said the same last week for the HSV fans...with the exception of 22C, that is.

As for the game itself, I am damn proud of my team. We took it to Bayern and in the first half, we had the better share of possession, better chances at goal and were threatening going forward. Brazzo (Salihamidzic for those not in the know) had a chance and I think Makaay flashed wide but apart from the goal, Bayern weren't dangerous at all. I mean, their goal says it all...blocked shots four times leaving an open goal. Even Sanogo couldn't miss from there.

Still, the atmosphere in the gästblock was fantastic and even though the team's heads might have dropped by the time the halftime whistle, most of everybody's spirits were up. Now during the break as I slumped in my chair, thankful that Aachen and Mainz were losing, I remembered last season for a split second, noting that we came from behind at half time to win 2-1. Not that I was expecting that to happen, not at all. Just kinda flickered in my head.

Well something up there isn't working well, because I later remembered that we were 1-0 up at half time, Scholl equalised for Bayern and NDJ got the late winner. :o :D And knowing how superstitious I am, had I have remembered that at half time instead, then who knows what the outcome would have been.

To be honest, the second half didn't kick into gear for us until VDV's brilliance. Bayern were controlling the game and it was a case of their defence being more stronger than our attack, complete opposite of the first half when Demichelis and Lucio sometimes looked clueless. Still, that didn't deter the support as we belted out the usual favourites.

Sometimes a game needs a bit of genius to turn it around that's what happened. To be honest (again :D), I don't remember the goal that well. Maybe it's because it was at the other end of the goal or something, but all I seem to remember was van der Vaart hitting from outside the box, Kahn rooted to the spot with his back arched and the net rippling seconds later. It wasn't until I saw the goals on TV when I got home when I realised how majestic the goal was. One touch to receive and control and second touch to strike. WHAMMO!

I wonder how Hoeneß felt when he saw that :D The very man who is he is desperately trying to bring to Bayern, literally sticks up the middle finger in their own back yard :D

If the equaliser was a surprise and came from nowhere, then I was honestly standing in disbelief when Guerrero scored. And I remember this one because it involved some footwork from Rost on his own byline to deceive Makaay (or whoever) and then the long ball to Guerrero, who slipped in past a Bayern's defenders mistimed jump and motored towards goal. When the ball went in, it was standing. As I just said, I just stood there in disbelief at the fact that we'd got the second goal, that we'd come back from behind, that were were winning in the Allianz Arena. People around me were going nuts and it took a big wet kiss on my cheek from my female friend to bring me out of the temporary coma :D

May I stress the FEMALE word of that last sentance there ;)

But, there were 10 mins still left to play. I'm forever the pessimist, only because I don't want to build my hopes up only to have them pissed on straight away. I could jumped about, chanting "AUSWÄRTSSIEG!" and I could have hugged friends around me...but I didn't, because sometimes football can be a cruel bitch. As proved in Bielefeld when I was singing "Auswärtseig" at half time...and we all know what happened there. Now because of that, I never say, sing or chant "Auswärtssieg" before or during an away game until I know for certain that we have won. Hell, I used to do that anyway so I've no idea why I suddenly decided to do it Bielefeld

Anyway. So for 15 minutes or so, I just took there in hope. Applauded every good tackle and cheered the team on as best as I could without mentioning the "A" word. Rost's shimmy and dummy past that Bayern striker caused my heart to jump a bit, just like his last second save from Pizarro.

When the whistle went, it was finally time to celebrate. Hugging anybody in touching distance, friends who you've just spent 10 travelling with or people who've never seen before. For those few minutes and after the game, every HSV'er greeted each other like old friends and celebrated.

I was immensely proud of my team. As I previously said, we were the better team in the first half and possibly throughout the game. Three points well deserved as we came from behind against an unlucky, against the run of the game goal and won with two well taken strikes. Finally, my HSV played to their potential with the one striker system that I've never been fond of and staked their claim to remain in the Bundesliga and remain the only team never to be relegated from the top flight.

There are still three games left and considering who our opponents, it could still go pear shaped...especially if our last two home games are anything to go by. Still, for now we are seemingly safe with a result that we deserved. I just hope that this wasn't a one-off and we can cement our position in the 1.Liga against Bochum, end a 14 month unbeaten record at the easycreditstadion and send Aachen back down to the 2.Liga, along with their crap stadium.

The trip back was quiet, as I mentioned previously. Probably because were so tired and drained from the days activities. I mean, I got just 30mins sleep the night before and having slept for an hour on the bus last night, as well as getting three hours sleep in my bed this morning means that I won't be staying up to watch Backlash later :D

Anyway, just a story about my trip down to the south...where they have the same nationality as the locals up here, but by God they speak another language. A dozen or so people stopped us to ask us about the game on the trip back and we couldn't understand a damn word they were saying :D Sometimes normal German is hard to understand, so Bavarian German has no chance :D ;)

Thanks for reading, maybe others who were in Munich can add their own experience of the day. ;)

shadsworth cloud
30.04.2007, 18:50
well, i wasn't in munchen, but it sounds like you got a really good day. 3 points AND a wet kiss!
Now that what i call an Auswartssieg! :)

i was actually with some friends at the weekend who are stuttgart fans - although they are OK really, just a bit misguided. before the game they said HSV would lose on purpose just to upset Stuttgart. As if we need an excuse to lose in Munich.
Afterwards they were all smiles which kept me in beers for a few hours, although i am glad to say no wet kisses :p

strange that when HSV are on a losing run, all the talk is of HSV crisis, then when we win in Munich, it's a FC Bayern crisis. Is it possible that HSV are actually a decent team who are capable to go on a tough away trip and win? any chance of a bit of credit for us? after all we have now won away at schalke, bremen, bayern and leverkusen. so why not go to Nuremberg and get a win? Even england won a game there last summer (and that was against TWO teams - trinidad and tobago)