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20.05.2007, 00:55
During the game today, I saw the Union Jack (with some Rangers crap written on it) over at the corner of the West/North tribune. So I tried to take a pic and failed with a decent quality, somehow.

After the game, I saw the same flag draped over some metal railings above the Supporters Club Treffpunkt and saw a bloke standing next to it. Seemingly, he was posing with the flag whilst someone below was taking a pic.

Thinking he was a Scot, I went over and said "can you leave the flag up for a few mins, so I can go downstairs and take a good pic?" "Uhhh" he grunted. So I repeated myself. "Spricht Deutsch" he grumbles before pushing me away, with the assist of a mate of his on my other side who was also posing for the pic. He didn't even give me a chance to reply in German before getting his precious picture taken. So I just left.

Arrogant wanker. Talk German, eh? Well, I sincerely apologise for talking English to someone I see with a Union Jack. How foolish of me. I feel totally at fault.

Piss off. If these wankers are going to carry around the Union Jack, then at least talk/understand the fucking language.

There, that's that off my chest. I hope Jim, Ruth and Steve (I think, apologies if that's wrong) had a good trip back and thank God a crazy season is finally over.

shadsworth cloud
21.05.2007, 22:01
hey, chill out Matt. That sounds to me like some genuine Scottish hospitality.
You know, how Alex Ferguson describes "a Glasgow wedding"!! :D
at least you still have your teeth intact.

They really don't mean anything by it, it's all that cold weather that makes them so gruff :cool: :cool:

shadsworth cloud
21.05.2007, 22:08
hope Jim, Ruth and Steve (I think, apologies if that's wrong) had a good trip back

yes, no problems. but after the match and party we saw your mate (Fiddy?) who was obviously a bit the worse for wear. he said he had to go as he was "driving the bus".
:eek: :eek:
i hope it lost something in translation!

22.05.2007, 11:14


22.05.2007, 11:34
thilo2- I don't think that is the banner that he was speaking of as that is my firends banner and member of this forum helping him hold it.

Good banner all the same as i made it lol

22.05.2007, 16:05
Nah, that's not the flag.

Note the Union Jack bit in my opening post, thilo2 ;) :p

Dick Brave
22.05.2007, 17:15
Must have been this one, then. Nice Flag, though.

23.05.2007, 15:36
But i can't understand why germans should carry a glaswegian bar flag?! Are you sure that this was their flag.

Have to say sorry for these idiots. If this flag was theirs, they have to know about the friendship with the gers, so why are they saying speak german? acutally my english is not the best but everybody can answere something polite in english ?! :D

By the way, i love to the all that rangers flags. think they're getting more and more in hamburg

23.05.2007, 15:48
The Glaswegian Bar is a Rangers Pub in the Gorbals and home to the Glaswegian Bar HSV Supporters Club (Official HSV Fanclub). Their members are all lifetime RFC Supporters and some of them also have been following our club since the end of the 1970s. Know them for a longer time now and have never experienced them as arrogogant or sth like that.

23.05.2007, 16:04
They could have been following HSV since 1887 for all I care. Fact is, that one bloke was a tosser to me just because I was getting in the way of his precious picture being taken.

And from what I've been told, far more Rangers fans were being tossers down the Reeperbahn on Saturday night. Boy, does that bring back memories of my childhood when a Glaswegian army regiment was stationed in Fallingbostel...tossers every damn weekend.

The odd few ruining it for everybody else and ruining a rep for their own fans.

I'm not too keen on this Rangers-Hamburg link anyway. In fact, I'm not keen on any exclusive friendship with any other club.

23.05.2007, 16:32
Finally i dont really understand why you wanted to take a photo of that flag if you dont like that "hole Rangers HSV thing" and you were seeing it was some "Rangers crap" written on it? I would never try to take a photo of someone i dont like, for what reason ever...What do you call this? Self-fulfilling prophecy?

23.05.2007, 16:42
I was taking it for a good friend of mine. He's a Rangers fan and used to live here but now lives in Motherwell. In fact, he was with me when I first went to my HSV game. I've mentioned to him a number of times about Rangers flags at Hamburg games so he asked me to take pics of them which I have done in a couple of games this season. He's just a casual Rangers fan, not one of those guys that you mentioned that have been - so for him to see Rangers flags at Hamburg games is a novelty and pretty cool to see.

Was there anything else? :p