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01.06.2007, 11:03
Now Bouhlarouz could be going to :mad:


Sky says Van Der Vaart rejected them hsvklatsch hsvklatsch


02.06.2007, 00:08
boula suxx cocks in hell!

shadsworth cloud
02.06.2007, 09:34
he has been a bit of a disaster at chelsea, but they did put him too often at full back where he doesn't have the pace or intelligence to play.
i was surprised when he signed for chelsea because according to the british media he was a player who could play anywhere in the back four, but thats not how i remember him at HSV.

he needs to be at centre half with a decent player alongside him to do the thinking. unfortunately that position is already taken at chelsea by john terry. and when JT was injured, so was Boula.
But that no excuse fopr him going to FCB (i'll let you work out what the initials stand for??? :D )

02.06.2007, 13:02
boula suxx cocks in hell!

Yes the fucking cock from Van Buyten