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08.06.2007, 23:51
Am I to drunk to remember the correct adress or what is wrong with their page?

Yesterday it worked and today ?! Their Domain is sold, that is what 1&1 tell ?!...
Maybe one of our Rangers fans here know the new adress or know what is wrong.


09.06.2007, 17:44
Im not sure what has happened to the site mate. The domain is gone but i will check with some of the guys i know in the group still what is happening.

11.06.2007, 18:14
They are changing server mate. Not that they have much on it anyway lol

12.06.2007, 10:14
yeah you are right
but i do not finish reading the Chosen Few Hamburg interview :D

Thanks for this info mate.

12.06.2007, 22:29
yeah you are right
but i do not finish reading the Chosen Few Hamburg interview :D

Thanks for this info mate.

Ah that cool i have look for it as it was me who done it :D

14.06.2007, 09:47
Here you Chris.......

Hi Philipp! Can you please tell us a little about your self?
I am 26 years old and working in a PR agency in Hamburg. I am following HSV since 1991 when my father took me to a disgusting 0-1 match against Wattenscheid 09. Nowadays I am one of the leading Chosen Few Hamburg (CFHH) members.

Can you tell us a little about the group like of when they were formed and for what reason did they form?
CFHH was founded in the end of the year 1999 when support was nearly dead in Hamburg. Sure, away we still kicked ass but in the new stadium there was a totally new situation. New sections and to be honest: in the last years support in Hamburg was crap. But the biggest problem was the upcoming of so called arena fans. Before we got a new stadium there was an average of about 20.000 to 25.000 visitors. With the new stadium new fans came who did not even know what people meant when they said “support” (used in Germany as well though an English word but German words don’t really fit). It was our goal to unite old and new fans to increase better support.
And we had a focus on “Choreographics” or displays as you say. In the end of the 1990’s the Ultras were coming up and getting stronger in Germany. No wonder we said “Yes, we want to organize displays ourselves”.
By now CFHH is the leading Ultras group in Hamburg with about more than 100 members who can choose between active and passive membership.

HSV had good season compared to some in recent years how do you feel how HSV done last season?
It is a kind of satisfaction for one who just saw mediocre seasons before expect for two or three seasons the team did a good job. It was a great season, indeed. We beat Bayern Munich two times this season. Especially the victory in their new stadium was incredible since we have been waiting for an away victory in Munich for 23 long years. In general we have been very strong in the opponents’ pitches. The championship therefore was lost at home. But nevertheless, I am satisfied with that.

You guys are in the Champions League unlike us (sheds a tear) and you must be looking forward to it but who would you like to be drawn against?
Easy now! We still have to qualify and I am hoping for Red Star Belgrade or Dinamo Zagreb. If we can do it I would like to have a “western European” group. A Club from Britain, one from Italy and one from Belgium or the Netherlands. We had so many clubs from Europe’s eastern parts in the last years like Dnjepr Dnjepropetrowsk, Sofia, Bucarest etc. that I would prefer the other direction.

HSV have bought a good few players already in Kompany and Guerrero but they have lost Van Buyten and are looking at Bojinov, what do you think about the team that Doll is trying to build?
Well, he wants to build a team out of young players and mix them with international class players. It is the only possibility with the money we have. I cannot understand the van Buyten transfer. Not for the money they got for him. It is an example showing that our officials are not the international class they want to be. Everybody knows that van Buyten should have only be sold for at least 15.000.000 Euros. But our management…

How do you feel you will play next season and what do you feel would be classed as a success for HSV?
Honestly I think it would be success to reach 3rd place again. I do not know if Kompany and Guerrero can compensate van Buyten, Barbarez and Beinlich. And: We still need a striker!

What has been your most memorable moment as a HSV fan?
Many will say that: The victory in Munich. I am not very old compared to many of the lads I know but after eleven times of going there and not winning against them - our rivals of the good old times - it was incredible to see all these grown men – my mates - sitting on the stairs after the match, crying because we did it and feeling a shiver because I knew we were writing history in this moment. I could shed a tear while I am writing about it right now.

Everyone who likes football and they have idols mine was Gazza and every time I see the guy he makes me smile. Is there anyone you would say is your all time best player to wear the Blue, White and Black and why?
Now that’s a problem. When I was a teenager I was wearing an Albertz-jersey but I do not have an idol. Of course, there have been many good players. But not in my youth. It was all before and I did not even see them play. Felix Magath scored the most important goal in the history of the club (1-0 against Juventus, Athens 1983) and he was a great coach. Perhaps he is something like an idol for me though he is working for Bayern Munich now. In general I have realized the players only stay at a club as long as they get enough money. But most of them don’t identify with their club

You share a city with St Pauli what is the rivalry between you guys like?
Well, it is like a struggle between two boys from the neighbourhood. The one is older and stronger and the other is St. Pauli. It’s like that: Since Scum Pauli began their voyage to doom.. erm… third league, I mean, there is no real rivalry anymore between the teams. But it is “them” - the whole construction of political correct idiots. Teachers, students and “party fans” who think it is hip to go there. And the other bunch of b***ards named USP who try to use the stadium as a platform for their –sometimes – weird political opinions. Especially these guys are the ones we get in non-verbal contact with because they can’t realize they are and stay No.2 in Hamburg. And their CSC.. well… twisted, eh?

Your biggest rivals are Werder Bremen but who is your biggest rivals group wise?
As I said Ultra St. Pauli are our main rivals since they unfortunately live in the same city. Since December 2005 we have another rivalry with Bayern Munich’s Ultras called Schickeria (guess whose friends they are) and of course with the Bremen Ultras. But this one is on standby modus now. They have other problems. In general St. Pauli, Bremen and Munich are the main rivals. And Cologne, of course. Others are not very interesting. Depends on the games.

Which groups do you have bond with and what makes this friendship what it is?
CFHH is friend with Ultras Hannover (and Iain, huhu). Since the year 2000 when Hannover still played 2nd Bundesliga there are contacts between two groups which increased in the following years. Even when Hannover became an opponent in German Bundesliga there appeared no trouble and by now even “normal fans” accept the friendship. Of course there a also a few contacts to other groups of only a few people of CFHH.

What is your favourite that comes from the Nordtribune?
Difficult question. I like many chants. Especially the melodic ones. I like “Wer wird deutscher Meister?” (Who’s becoming German champion?) for example. A melodic song with three stanzas celebrating ourselves. And there is “Schon wieder mal verlor’n” (Lost again) which is sung on the “You’ll never walk alone” melody when we play St. Pauli. The “Brazil”-Theme is also one of my favourites because people are bouncing through the stands while singeing. But generally in Germany fans shout mor than they sing.

What in your opinion is the best display that you guys have ever pulled off and how did it make you feel?
Hm… I can’t really judge that because everybody has another favourite. For me the display for Hermann Rieger was one of the best because it was the most emotional one. Another favourite was the display against Bremen: a big Hamburg flag on top in the rear Hamburg in letters and the city’s silhouette with blue, white and black flags on both sides.

As you will know from many of my conversations with you we do not have the best working relationship with the club what is the situation like with you guys?
Since the HSV Supporters Club is part of HSV the members have the rights to decide many things depending club life etc. A few members of CFHH are also members of the Supporters’ “management” so the club bosses can’t work without us and have to listen to us. Nevertheless there are also problems. But we can work it.

I have known about you guys for sometime now. You used to be located behind the goals and then you moved up to the rear. Jörn has explained to me why you sit in 22C but could you please explain to our fans why you are located in 22C and what benefits does this give you as a group?
We had big support problems in the last years. The area behind the goals (25A) was and is called the “fanblock”. But we had to realize that 25A was not active enough in our eyes. The last times people didn’t sing or shout. They just stood there and it was nearly impossible to encourage them to sing. This was leading to the situation that people who wanted to support lost their spirit to do it and at the end only a group of 20 or 30 still was singing. In 22C we had the chance to start a new project. Nearly 200 lads ordered tickets for the section before the beginning of last season knowing what we wanted from them. Supporting the team over the whole distance of the match. By now we can say that this idea works. Support is carried over the stands and the sections in the middle and the top of north tribune. For the next year we will be about 300 persons up there and I hope we will become stronger. But also we have to watch out that our section won’t be frequented by people standing there only for their ego, not singing but telling people proudly after the match that they were standing in 22C.

Out with you guys who do you feel is the best group in Germany at the moment and what makes them the best?
That’s difficult to say because everyone is judging for his own about mentality, style, choreographies and support. Especially the last one depends on the daily form. But to give you one name. Ultras Frankfurt still are very impressive.

You know the guys from the Hamburg Loyal but how do you feel about the Rangers and HSV links?
I think that Rangers always have been o favourite of many Hamburg supporters. I met many of them when Rangers played for example in Champion$ League in Munich and UEFA Cup in Dortmund. And of course you often meet bears when Hamburg is playing. I still would not say it is a friendship for all. But many feel sympathies for Gers.

And the other lot’s links (St Pauli and Celtic) how do you feel about them?
I don’t know the history about their links but sometimes it seems as if this is basing on politics. The poor suppressed unite… Disgusting.

The Blue Order formed in 2002 and in the last year came on a fair but not as much as would like to have, what words of advice could you give us a group?
It’s always hard in the beginning. We had many problems when we started the groups. But by running our business for years people arranged with us, prejudices disappeared and now we get support from the “old men”. You need to talk to the people (not in the internet) and listen to them. And don’t care about weird people trying to f***k you from behind. They’re not worth it. Always follow your ideas, always follow the Blues. But don’t be so proud to ignore good ideas and legitime critics by people who know it better.

What do you think of the stuff that the group have done as a group?
I think TBO did a good job. Choreographics worked in most cases. Perhaps you could focus on the “chaos” aspect. Flag days, confetti infernos and so on are easy and cheap but still good looking. Don’t try “mass production like Aberdeen seems to do. Always using the same stuff, always small displays. Choreographics are something special and not everyday business.

The tifo’s are a new aspect to British support and it has not taken off as easily as it did in Holland, Sweden and Germany. Can you see the UK ever being to the same standard as the group’s on the continent?
At first I would say: Why not? It didn’t start easily in Germany either. In the beginning many groups had to see that normal fans didn’t know what to do with cards or balloons. You have to inform them and to involve them. In Hamburg it lasted years before choreographics were really working.
But you also have to remember that Britain is far more suffering from it’s commercialised leagues. High prices for the tickets don’t allow every “traditional supporter” to visit matches. For them rich people watching football because it’s hip are coming. You are not allowed to stand in many stadiums. This is killing emotions. You can reach the standards. But you have to reclaim your territory first.

Lastly when are you and the rest of the lads getting over to Ibrox for a match?
When you can organize some tickets for us i think we will find a match in the upcoming season.

Thank you Philip visit The Chosen Few Hamburg to find out more about them.

14.06.2007, 20:22
Thank you mate!