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shadsworth cloud
24.07.2007, 18:08
Is this guy for real?
He was refereeing the Under 20s World Cup semi final between Argentina and Chile, and dished out 6 yellows and 2 red cards to the Chile team. But that only set up the excitement for later...

at the end of the game, which argentina won 3-0, as the chile team were leaving the stadium and getting on the bus there was a scuffle between players and police and one of the team even got tazered. Now thats what i call an injury!

go to youtube and search on "wolfgang stark is a corrupt piece of horse shit" for a corking video including a man in a chicken suit getting a thumping. :D:D
(don't think i'm allowed to post the link on here?)

for the canadian viewpoint
(no they really don't understand soccer)


25.07.2007, 14:21
Ouuha. Did not see the game, but sounds quite brutal...