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14.11.2007, 14:39
One of the greatest men in our clubs history died 15 years ago on November 14th 1992.
He was HSV manager from 1981 - 1987 and his work stands for the most succesful era winning the German Championship 1982 and 1983, the European Cup 1983 in Athens against mighty Juventus and the German Cup in 1987 (which until now was the last silverware brought back to Hamburg).

Ernst Happel - true HSV legend!


14.11.2007, 18:48
Also, one of only two men in history of European Cup to win with two different teams as head coach. hsvklatsch Pretty amazing. Coach of the best Holland team I have ever seen as well. 1978 WC team (although beaten by the Argies in the final)

RIP Ernst.

14.11.2007, 20:25
One of the best managers of all time and the cover of the dauerkarten in 2005/2006 :cool: hsvklatsch

RIP :)