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30.03.2008, 16:56
So, now we have a thread for (almost) every possibility we have for the end of the season: If we win next week and Bayern loses we take the "Wer wird deutscher Meister..." thread, if we win, and Bayern wins, we take this one, and if we lose the "UEFA cup?" thread...:cool::D

Well, wasn't our day yesterday. Even the traditional "half time break analysis" with OfTheSpeed couldn't take place as I couldn't find him...:(

And the game? Well, I don't know? Ist it the lacking power after having played sunday/thursday/sunday (a thing we call english week in German...:p) from beginning of february until mid of march? Is it a lack of motivation as my brother in law thinks ("the player wanted to win a title; now they finish the season but don't have enough motivation to fight for the second place")? Don't know. But I do know that we (or better Huub) will have to find the reason for it soon. Because I think there are some hard weeks still to come for us...

But I trust him that he WILL find a way to make the boys play better in the next games. Last week he had almost nobody to train with. Next week they'll have plenty of time to train. Let's hope they use that!

30.03.2008, 19:14
Hope so. Was on a high from our result only to come crashing back down when heard the HSV result, especially the way the other results went.

shadsworth cloud
30.03.2008, 20:18
when i saw the other results, especially bremen and leverkusen losing, it was a real lost opportunity. And yet it was only a late equaliser that saved the one point for us.

I don't know what is holding the team back now. But I think the uncertainty over the coach is not helping now. We fans all know that Huub has only 7 games left and so are hoping we can send him on his way with a big medal round his neck.
But the players? I don't know, but perhaps they are losing a bit of discipline as they think to themselves "well, you won't be here soon, so why should i take any notice of what you say". Maybe that doesn't show so much when there are 20 games left, or 15. but now the countdown to the season-end is on, are the players losing that extra edge?

Like I say, I don't see the team enough to make an informed judgement. But this kind of thing can happen very easily.

On the plus side, I will be at the arena for the games v Schalke and v Karlsruhe, so we will certainly win those:cool::cool:

31.03.2008, 13:21
On the plus side, I will be at the arena for the games v Schalke and v Karlsruhe, so we will certainly win those:cool::cool:

Karlsruhe is a given as I am back over for that also. hsvklatsch hsvklatsch hsvklatsch