Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Viktoria Trophy's coming home

02.04.2008, 20:58
Last saturday a replica of the historic Viktoria Trophy was presented as a gift to the HSV museum by the HSV Supporters Club. The Viktoria was the trophy for the German Champions from 1903 up to WW2. It then was replaced by the so called "salad bowl" which is still in use nowadays. The Viktoria Trophy was lost during the war and found in 1990. The original had been temporarily given to the HSV museum after it's opening and went back to the German Sports Museum in Berlin one year ago. We all can be very happy and proud that we have her back now, as she was won by our club in 1922,1923 and 1928 in one of the most successful eras of our clubs history. Well done to the lads who organised this!



shadsworth cloud
04.04.2008, 21:28
nice trophy, and a good reminder of our Glory Years
And how many other teams have a trophy named after Mr Beckham's wife? :D:D