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shadsworth cloud
17.06.2008, 18:11
Its been so quiet on here recently it feels like the HSV cemetery has already opened:D

Anyone interested in the HSV v Man City match on July 26? As a rule, i don't bother with pre-season matches. but i can always be tempted :):)

30.06.2008, 20:40
Hi shadsworth,

well I am really looking forward to this match - can´t get enough of English teams
playing in Hamburg to be honest although the result is really unimportant.

So I won´t miss this opportunity - think the pricing´s quite reasonable with EUR 8 for
standing terrace.

Really hope City will bring some supporters with them - would just like to talk English football again and improve my language :D

Best wishes

30.06.2008, 20:47
Oh I forgot - Congrats to you for Chester City avoiding relegation (I know I´m a bit late)
I remember from my older thread that it was your favourite club - where did their season go after such a decent start ??

shadsworth cloud
02.07.2008, 18:31
after such a decent start
yes, hard to think they were in the top 4 at christmas, then ended up 22nd out of 24.

at that level it is hard to keep a team going well on no money. the assistant manager, malky thomson, left in december to go to scotland (i think he went to inverness CT) and the team just fell apart from then on. a lot of players left in january to save money, and those who came in were not really up to the job.

But as you say, they avoided relegation. which was good. especially when one of the teams relegated was our local rivals, wrexham. :cool::cool:

shadsworth cloud
02.07.2008, 18:43
i think city will bring a good number, maybe a couple of thousand. they are drawn in the uefa cup against a team in the faeroes islands, which means many fans won't be able t go there and so will opt for a trip to Hamburg instead. Lets hope so.

Mister Radioven
09.07.2008, 12:01
Last time they plad hamburg there was a huge number of Citiziens in Hamburg

shadsworth cloud
16.07.2008, 21:04
just for any HSV fans on the island, this game will be shown live on Channel 5

16.07.2008, 22:26
Hey Mr Radioven,

really cool signature - and you´re so right ;-)


04.09.2008, 21:05
Cool that we have already a thread for the "Kompany leaving to Man City" topic...:cool:

Shadsworth cloud, what's going on with your (and your wife's) favourit english club?:eek: Some sheiks planing to invest 615 m EUR???:eek::eek::eek: Man City buying Robinho and wanting to buy Ronaldo, Kaka and Messi?:eek::eek: Wait 2 years, and Man City wins the champions league...but the player ride on camels in the stadium...and play every second home game in Dubai...:D

And little boy Kompany, who surely wasn't bad, but didn't show too much activity last year since his mother died, left to play for that team? Don't know if he has the character to manage that.

Now he gave the german sport paper Sport Bild an interview, that the HSV couldn't handle big transfers. He felt "too much pressure" and..."the club didn't win a title for 20 years. Can't be the fault of the players only..."

Well, Vince, with this interview you showed, that you don't have that professional character and that it was a good idea to sell you, i think. Professional players change the team, and concentrate on the new job, but don't look back in anger. But maybe he is pissed off because he has to pay 100.000 EUR for arriving late from China. 100.000 EUR just because he couldn't find his passport...well, that's hard indeed...:p

shadsworth cloud
07.09.2008, 08:34
hello bounty,
yes, after about 30 years of watching man city i thought that i had known everything, but last monday was the maddest day of all.
they start the day with the owner about to be sent back to Thailand to face corruption charges, every player for sale, cannot pay the wages.
by mid-morning they are the richest club in the world.
at tea time, they are buying berbatov (who everybody in england thinks is some football-god?) robinho, ronaldo, kaka, and for all i know ferenc puskas and uwe seeler:D:D

its a strange feeling, and i do feel kind of pleased that the club can buy these players.... but is it football? i don't think so. its a circus where these trillionaires show off their latest toys.

we must not underestimate the agenda of these people. i know you make a joke about playing in dubai, (abu dhabi actually:cool:) but that is exactly the way these people think. The chairman of man city recently made an interview where he said the club need to buy "global entities" and that the manager (mark hughes) sort of agreed.
By "global entity" he meant someone like robinho or beckham or zidane or tina turner :D:D- in other words someone who can sell shirts/tickets, attract TV audience etc etc
Well, i never saw a "global entity" win a match, or score a goal or defend a corner. that is what teams and players and coaches do.

last season, manchester city won the FA Youth Cup. In the final the city team made up of 11 local players beat a chelsea team with italians, french, africans, spanish. That was a win that made me proud of city and the work that is done at junior level to bring in local youngsters. I don't think i will feel as proud EVEN IF a city team made up of brazilians, etc etc goes on to win the champions league in 2010

One good side to it, that Liam Gallagher of Oasis and a big Man City fan said: "Whenever Man United fans fill their car with petrol, they are putting money to City" that made me laugh...

Next week City plays chelsea. But i will be at the volkspark to see HSV v Bayer Leverkusen. where football is still football (for now at least) hsvklatschhsvklatschhsvklatsch

08.09.2008, 21:43
One good side to it, that Liam Gallagher of Oasis and a big Man City fan said: "Whenever Man United fans fill their car with petrol, they are putting money to City" that made me laugh...

I like that one. :D